Study in Kumon

Enrollment Procedures

  1. Choose a nearby Kumon education center and make a reservation for Parents’ Orientation.
  2. Attend Parents’ Orientation at Kumon education center to know more about the Kumon Method.
  3. You child takes the Diagnostic Assessment. The instructor sets the most appropriate starting point and project the study progress for your child.
  4. Complete registration and let your child start studying Kumon!

Study Flow in Kumon Education Centers


Enter the Center and Submit the Homework

  • Greet the instructor
  • Take the worksheet folder, collect the graded homework of the previous week, and submit the newly completed homework


Make Corrections (if any), and Complete the Classwork

  • Make corrections of the previous week’s homework (if any), and put them in the “In” tray box with the record book (for grading)
  • Write the name and starting time before doing the classwork*
  • Concentrate and finish the classwork in one go
  • Record the completion time when the classwork is finished
    *Listen to CD (applicable to the students of the language programs)


Submit the Classwork

  • Submit the completed classwork through the “In” tray box with the record book (for grading)

  • Collect the graded classwork from the “Out” tray box


Make Corrections (if any)

  • Make corrections to the graded classwork until it is all correct


Oral Check/ Learn with Supplementary Learning Tools (if required)

  • Oral check with instructor or center assistant (applicable to the students of the language programs)

  • Count numbers, practice with the magnetic number board or the multiplication table (applicable to the elementary-level students of the Mathematics program)


Receive instructor’s feedback on class performance; understand the expectation and the content of the newly assigned homework


Leave the Center

  • Make sure 100 marks are obtained for all the classwork

  • Collect the newly assigned homework

  • Pack the personal belongings, tidy up the desk and chair

  • Say goodbye to instructor