Sharing of overseas instructor - Segametse Raguin

Kumon brings out children’s full potential.
I learned just how amazing Kumon is from my students.

A student who was told that he had no hope at school became a completely different boy thanks to his Kumon study

I became a Kumon Instructor in 2011. To explain the reason why I firmly believe in the Kumon Method, let me tell you about a boy I met soon after opening my Center.

This was a boy who was thought to be a hopeless student by his teacher, a boy who had difficulties concentrating and who was in a permanent state of agitation and constantly disturbing the class. His teacher had even contacted his mother to ask that he be sent to a specialized institution.


When he started Kumon, he had already lost his motivation to learn. When he began learning with the Kumon Method, however, we constantly communicated to him that he was clever and knowledgeable, no matter how small his initial achievements were.

As he progressed with his Kumon study he gained confidence in himself and in his ability to learn. He showed such a significant positive behavioral change that it was not only noticed by his teacher, but also by the principal of his school.


Praising children for their achievements makes learning a joyful experience that inspires them to live up to their full potential

With the Kumon Method his potential grew, and it continues to grow every day. He has developed in terms of his personality too, and now copes positively with any task he is given. He recently told me, “It’s just a matter of sticking to it, Ms. Segametse. If you can do that, you will improve. At first it can be scary, but as you continue, it gets easier.“ He then added with a smile, “It’s just like playing tennis.”

Actually, he loves playing tennis and he is currently the best seven year old player in the country. I really believe that the work ethic and perseverance he developed through studying day after day with Kumon allowed him to also excel at tennis.

This student’s case made me realize just how greatly a child’s self-confidence can increase through experiencing the joy of learning in small steps while receiving continuous praise for his achievements. I hope that every child can have the opportunity to study with Kumon and excel; that is, to have the chance of developing to their full potential and becoming the person that they are truly capable of being.

Kumon has the power to change children’s lives

I resigned from my job as a schoolteacher and chose instead to become a Kumon Instructor. This is because I feel I can make a greater impact instructing individual students with the Kumon Method than I can by teaching classes at school. The joy of learning that every Kumon student experiences through doing Kumon has the power to change any child’s life. I am proud to be a part of that, and want to continue working as a Kumon Instructor in my city.